How to Create a China-Inspired Nursery with Wall Decals

How to Create a China-Inspired Nursery with Wall Decals

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My wife and I didn’t find much Chinese culture in stock when we shopped decorations for our son’s nursery. Even in Silicon Valley, home to one of the largest Chinese communities in the country, we couldn’t escape the standard blue for boys and pink for girls. It was all trucks and trains, fairies and princesses.

After a bit of searching online, we discovered that removable wall decals and stickers provide a great way to add a touch of China to your baby’s nursery. They’re easy to apply and don’t leave marks on the walls, an important consideration if you are renting. Specialty stores like Etsy, Wall Monkeys and Roommates Decor carry a range of designs from realistic to whimsical depicting different Chinese holidays, characters, scenes and cultural icons.

Check out the examples below for ideas that you can add to your own child’s room or gift to new parents-to-be at your next baby shower.

Happiness CharactersHappiness Characters
By Graphical Interiors
Chinese characters like these for “happiness” can help you express your hopes and wishes for your new arrival.
To buy: from $27,
Bamboo Border Wall DecalBamboo Wall Border
By Wall Monkeys
Vertical wall borders can turn a nursery into a fantastic adventure landscape, such as a lush bamboo forest.
To buy: from $25,
Chinese Lantern FestivalChinese Lantern Festival
By Stickerbrand
Holiday iconography like this string of red lanterns can create a cheerful, festive atmosphere in a child’s room.
To buy: from $55,
Great Wall of China Wall DecalThe Great Wall of China
By Dana Decals
Artist renderings of regions or landmarks, such as this drawing of the Great Wall, can celebrate a family’s connection to China.
To buy: from $65,
Chinese Pagoda with LionChinese Pagoda with Lion
By Wallstickers4you
Mashup collages, like this Chinese pagoda and lion, can add a creative dose of symbolism to your nursery.
To buy: from $22,
Great Wall XL WallpaperGreat Wall XL Wallpaper
By Roommates Decor
Photo wallpaper of landscapes or famous destinations can open a realistic window to another world for your child.
To buy: from $160,
Chinese Temple with Bamboo TreeChinese Temple with Bamboo Tree
By Decal House
Serene scenes, like this Chinese temple with birds flying into the distance, can add a calming presence to a child’s nursery.
To buy: from $18,
By Wall Monkeys
Horizontal wall borders can create an endless procession of dragons for your child to chase across the room.
To buy: from $25,
I Love ChinaI Love China
By Wallstickers4you
Playful phrases in both Chinese and English can work really well in spaces for multicultural children.
To buy: from $22,

Your turn! What are your favorite ideas for adding Chinese culture to a child’s nursery? I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below!

HT: Photo by the Picsora.

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