The Best Of 2017

The Best Of 2017

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Friends, as we close the books on 2017, I’m counting down the year’s 10 most popular stories from Chinese American Family. Thank you for your continued support and I’ll look forward to sharing many more ways to Celebrate, Create, and Inspire with you in the new year.

Wishing you peace and joy,

10. Summer at a Chinese Culture Camp

If your child is interested in learning about Chinese arts, games and traditions this summer, then a Chinese culture camp is the perfect choice. Read More »

9. How to Make a Whole Steamed Fish

Making a delicious steamed fish depends on selecting a fresh fish and using a good steaming setup. Neither is difficult. Read More »

8. Locke and California’s Rural Chinese Past

Discover America’s last rural Chinese town in a fertile corner of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. Read More »

7. How To Make Cantonese Pan Fried Noodles

This family favorite is comprised of a crispy bed of golden brown noodles that’s covered with meat, veggies and a velvety gravy. Read More »

History & Folklore

6. Firecrackers and Sharing the Story of Nian

Making a string of paper firecrackers can help kids connect with the old Chinese New Year story of Nian. Read More »

History & Folklore

5. 1 Chicken, 5 Delicious Dinners

Try this weekly meal plan that uses a single whole chicken to create five delicious weeknight dinners. Read More »

4. Lights! Camera! Action!

Restock your Netflix queue with these Chinese American movies that feature notable performances on- and off-camera. Read More »

History & Folklore

3. How to Make Hong Kong-Style French Toast

This decadent french toast from Hong Kong’s iconic tea cafes makes the perfect brunch or afternoon snack treat. Read More »

2. A Chinese Dragon that Dances and Inspires

Making a dancing Chinese dragon can inspire kids to learn about the most legendary creature in Chinese mythology. Read More »

1. How to Make Egg Tarts

There’s nothing better than an egg tart served warm from the oven. Performing this heroic act at home couldn’t be easier. Read More »

Your turn! What are your family’s plans for the new year? I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below!

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