How to Celebrate Women’s Day

How to Celebrate Women’s Day

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Women’s Day celebrates the social, economic and political achievements of China’s women. It’s a holiday that, for better or worse, most closely resembles a combination of Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.

Women's Day

Mark Your Calendars
Women’s Day 2018 is March 8, 2018. It takes place every year on March 8.

Here’s a simple guide for what you can expect from a holiday intended to honor women’s contributions to Chinese society.

red-lanternThe Basics

The People’s Republic of China established Women’s Day in 1949, adopting what remained primarily a socialist holiday until recognition by the United Nations in 1975. Today, the holiday has lost most of its original political flavor, celebrated largely as a commercial opportunity for gift-giving from men to their mothers and wives.

red-lanternWomen’s Day Traditions

There’s no specific recognition of China’s Women’s Day outside of China. While intended to honor women’s contributions to Chinese society, this holiday annually draws attention to the subject of women’s rights in China. Activists point to the trivialization of the holiday through sales on beauty products, the suppression of equal rights demonstrations and the persistence of gender discrimination throughout Chinese society.

red-lanternWhen is Women’s Day?

Women’s Day takes place every year on March 8. Women receive a half day off for Women’s Day.

Women’s Day dates through 2026 are below.

2015March 8
2016March 8
2017March 8
2018March 8
2019March 8
2020March 8
2021March 8
2022March 8
2023March 8
2024March 8
2025March 8
2026March 8

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