How to Celebrate Maritime Day

How to Celebrate Maritime Day

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Maritime Day commemorates the voyages of the great Ming Dynasty mariner, Zheng He. It’s a relatively new holiday calling attention to China’s early oceanic conquests.

Maritime Day

Mark Your Calendars
Maritime Day 2018 is July 11, 2018. It takes place every year on July 11.

Here’s a simple guide to the holiday that commemorates China’s early maritime exploration.

red-lanternThe Basics

The Chinese government established Maritime Day in 2005 to celebrate Zheng He’s voyages to Southeast Asia and West Africa between 1405 and 1433 (decades before Columbus, the Chinese would note). Today, Maritime Day honors China’s participation in the International Maritime Organization, as well as seafaring’s impact on regional trade and diplomacy.

red-lanternMaritime Day Traditions

Aside from small ceremonies at Zheng He’s historical ports of call, Maritime Day is not celebrated outside of China. As a relatively new holiday, there are also few customs to follow, past sounding ship whistles at the appointed hour. Maritime Day is celebrated mostly through state functions calling attention to the importance of shipping to China’s economy and the advancement of China’s maritime interests in Southeast Asia.

red-lanternWhen is Maritime Day?

Maritime Day takes place every year on July 11. There is no time off granted for Maritime Day.

Maritime Day dates through 2026 are below.

2015July 11
2016July 11
2017July 11
2018July 11
2019July 11
2020July 11
2021July 11
2022July 11
2023July 11
2024July 11
2025July 11
2026July 11

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